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Fishing and Hunting
Photo by Doug Neal, Almanor Fishing Adventures

Fishing In Lake Almanor And Surrounding Areas

Great fishing abounds in the Lake Almanor Basin whether you are a lake or stream fisherman. There are many guide services available that will help show you how to hook 'em and cook 'em! Fishing boat rentals are also available at many of the Lake Almanor marinas for hourly, half and full day fishing excursions.

There are some trophy size fish being taken from local lakes including the world renown Eagle Lake which sports it's own unique species of trout, aptly named "Eagle Lake Trout".

Remember that the DFG requires you to display in full view a valid fishing license at all times when fishing. Be sure to pick one up when you stop for your fishing gear or bait.


Hunting is a popular activity in the Lake Almanor Area. Archery and rifle seasons are available for mule deer. Excellent geese and duck hunting occurs in season along the shallows and meadows of the north shore of Lake Almanor

For additional information on hunting in the Lake Almanor contact the California Department of Fish and Game.
Tom Stienstra and Greg Niemann at the Outdoor Writers Conference in Lake Almanor, Fall 2009.
Photo by Doug Neal, Lake Almanor Adventures
Photo by Tom Maumoynier, Lake Almanor Fly Fishing Co.

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Please Help us keep All Quagga and Zebra Mussels out of Lake Almanor!


  • Inspect all exposed surfaces
  • Wash the hull of watercraft thoroughly
  • remove all plant and animal material
  • Drain and dry all areas
  • Drain and dry the lower outboard unity
  • Clean and dry all live wells
  • Empty and dry any buckets
  • Dispose of all bait in the trash
  • Wait up to 5 days of summer heat and up to 30 days of cool weather before launches into different fresh waters

California Department of Fish and Game