Lake Almanor Area Chamber of Commerce
Going Green Program

About the Program

The Chester-Lake Almanor Chamber of Commerce along with Chambers of Commerce throughout the country are using this innovative program to help their members become more aware of the advantages of incorporating green business practices in their businesses in order to reach full green certification.

The Green Business Chamber of Commerce is a nation-wide program designed to promote members and provide helpful information which can assist them in the 21st century.

We are not endorsing the concept of “global warming” or “man-made” climate change. The climate of the earth was in flux long before Henry Ford.

Neither are we in league with radical environmentalists. Essentially the environmental movement is anti-business and we are pro-business.

We are simply addressing the issue of what local businesses can do to ride the wave of environmental consciousness, increase their business in the process and contribute to cleaning up the environment in a reasonable way.

As custodians of the earth we should be environmentally responsible and rational. As intelligent business people we can be both.

The Pledge

The object of the Going Green Program is to support the promotion of a healthy environment. To become part of the Green Business Chamber of Commerce, members first pledge to do the following at their business or organization:

1) Comply with all business regulations

2) Conserve energy and other valuable resources

3) Implement procedures to reduce pollution and waste

4) Be environmentally aware within their community

5) Constantly work to improve the conservation of resources and reduction of waste

This is an outlet for Chamber members to share what they are doing to go green.
When you see this icon, in our Member Business Directory and on member web sites, you will know that they elected to be a participant in the Going Green Program.

Adding Your Business

The Green Business Chamber of Commerce is a cooperative service between many Chambers throughout the country. In order to join, prospective members must be a "current" member of a participating Chamber of Commerce within the USA.

Current members who can make the pledge above may activate their membership in the "Going Green" program by contacting the Chester Chamber of Commerce at (530) 258-2426 or