Lake Almanor Area Chamber of Commerce
Scenic & Historic Tours

Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway

The Volcanic Legacy Scenic Byway All American Road takes you on a 500 mile journey from volcano to volcano where you will find opportunities for adventure, exploration, communion with nature and an appreciation for the culture and history of the region. You will also find residents eager to share the beauty and mystery of this land that is dotted with evidence of an eruptive past.

The southern end of the byway begins at Lake Almanor, just miles from the active geothermal features at Lassen Volcanic National Park. The northern end of the byway is capped by Crater Lake National Park in Oregon where mysteries of the earth's interior are studied.

Collins Pine Nature Trail

The Collins Pine Nature Trail starts at the West end of Chester Park, making two loops through about fifty acres of second growth woodland with mixed evergreen and deciduous trees, grassy flood plain, channels and beaver ponds. The far end of the trail is six tenths of a mile from the park. There are four benches at places along the trail, and twelve numbered points at sites of special interest. A Points of Interest guide, available at the Collines Pine Museum and the Chamber of Commerce contains information and thought provoking questions for each numbered point.

Worldmaker's Trail

Take an automobile tour following the Worldmaker's Trail an ancient trail through the land of the Mountain Maidu Indians.

Plumas County Off-Season Tour Iteneraries

The Plumas County Visitors
Bureau offers 16 regional tour itineraries geared for sightseeing groups, special interests, or even individual travelers. These itineraries are based on travel during the months of October through May, when rooms and restaurants are more readily available.

Lake Almanor Recreation Trail

Spectacular views of Lake Almanor, Dyer Mountain and Lassen Volcanic National Park can be found along the entire route of the 9 1/2 mile Lake Almanor Recreation Trail. This multi-use trail winds through beautiful stands of stately pine, fir and incense cedar, as well as meadows, a campground, a summer home tract and several lake shore areas that will invite you to take a swim or try your luck at fishing.

Winter brings a beautiful white mantle of snow to the Lake Almanor basin. The trail is ideal for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing. Fishing is allowed year round, but access is limited unless you have snowshoes or skis (both are available for rent locally).Pack a picnic lunch, swimsuit, or fishing pole for added fun.

Historic Greenville Walking Tour

Take a walking and shopping tour along Greenville's historic Main Street.